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Water Resources

Sample data collection screen 1
Sample data collection screen 1
Sample data collection screen 2
Sample data collection screen 2
Teledyne RDI is pleased to announce the availability of its new Section-by-Section Software for the StreamPro ADCP!

Teledyne RDI's new StreamPro Section-by-Section software provides users with a new option for measuring discharge in rivers, streams, and canals.

With Section-by-Section software, water velocity and depth data is actually acquired at a series of fixed locations across the measured body of water. While this is similar in many ways to a traditional discharge measurement, Section-by-Section offers users several unique advantages:

More data points to ensure date accuracy.
With a conventional measurement, velocity is typically measured at only one or two points in each vertical. The StreamPro measures the velocity profile at up to twenty points in each vertical. These data points are then averaged to provide a much more accurate and reproducible measurement of the mean velocity for that panel.

Real-time data QA/QC for data confidence: The coefficient of variation of the mean velocity is computed in real time, which provides the user with immediate feedback regarding fluctuations in mean velocity at that station. Utilizing this information, the user can adjust the measurement time to obtain the best possible velocity measurement.

Save time, save money: With Section-by-Section, water depth is obtained at the same time as the water velocity. This means the user no longer needs to stop to record the depth at each station. This function can represent a significant saving of time (and therefore money) over the course of each discharge measurement.

Easy to learn, easy to operate:
Because Section-by-Section is similar to conventional measurement methods, it’s extremely easy to learn. This makes the advancement to ADCP technology a quick and easy transition for the user.

Sample data collection screen 2 Sample data collection screen 2
Sample data collected at Whitemouth River, Canada, under the ice! 3cm cells, 120sec/section, SxS 1.87m3/sec | Price AA: 1.81m3/sec. Note: not corrected at top

When and where you’ll want to use Section-by-Section:

  • Normal discharge sites 0.2-2.3 meters deep
  • “Moving bed” locations
  • Under ice cover
  • Collecting data for model calibrations

How to order/download Section-by-Section:

Teledyne RDI’s StreamPro Section-by-Section software is available on Teledyne RDI’s web site for immediate download upon placement of your order. Contact Teledyne RDI, or your local sales representative, today for more information.