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StreamPro ADCP
A revolutionary new tool for discharge measurement in small streams and open channels

The StreamPro's transducer can be towed from different points onboard the platform, or can be removed and hand held in the water for applications such as under ice flow measurements.

StreamPro ADCP.
The StreamPro ADCP revolutionizes discharge and velocity measurement in stream from 15-200 cm in depth.

The StreamPro's 'bottom tracking' capability provides the ability to move continuously across the stream to obtain a discharge measurement in two or three minutes instead of thirty minutes to an hour using the older point-by-point method.

StreamPro's unique design allows you to take measurements without even entering the water.  Simply pull the instrument across the stream as you walk across a bridge, or attach the unit to a tagline.

Data is collected in real-time and transmitted via a wireless data link to a tablet or PC and displayed with Teledyne RDI's user friendly software.

Stream gauging truly has become as simple as 1-2-3!

StreamPro ADCP now available with compass option

The StreamPro ADCP is now available with on optional compass upgrade. The compass, part of a 6 axis sensor assembly, is mounted in the StreamPro Electronics. Modifications have been made to the transducer, mounting arm assembly and float to precisely align the transducer at a known orientation. Existing StreamPro owners can factory upgrade to this option without the need to purchase a new instrument (detailed information to follow soon.)

Features of the new compass option include:

  • Full attitude output (i.e., pitch and roll)
  • Full 360 degree operation on all axes
  • Full featured passive Built-in-Test to ensure data integrity
  • Flexible magnetic field calibration. User gets feedback on the input and output data quality via software. User is not restricted to limited orientations during the calibration. Calibration is verified to prevent a bad calibration from being retained.
  • Magnetic saturation compensation. After a calibration procedure, this allows the sensor to still measure heading even with magnetic material mounted on the StreamPro that would otherwise saturate the sensor.
  • High sample rate – keeps the ping rate fast.
  • High precision: Heading is less than 0.25 deg standard deviation; pitch/roll is less than 0.1 deg.

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Key Specifications
# Cells:  30 (with upgrade)
Min Cell Size:  2 cm
Max Cell Size:  20 (with upgrade)
Max Range: 2m standard; 6m with upgrade
Resolution: 0.1 cm/sec

Download StreamPro Datasheet (288 Kb) >>click here

Application Information
StreamPro Application Notes
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Data Samples
StreamPro Data Samples
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StreamPro Software: easy as 1-2-3
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Section-by-Section Pro now available for use with RiverRay ADCP » details

Q-View Data QA/QC Software » details

StreamPro Product FAQs 
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Not sure which ADCP is right for you? Consult our new Water Resources product selection guide >>download PDF

  • Quick: Collect complete velocity and discharge measurements in streams from 15 –225cm deep in a matter of minutes.
  • Convenient: No need to move from station to station.Simply wade across the stream or cross a bridge to collect data.
  • Easy to Operate: Data is conveniently acquired using a PocketPC equipped with a highly intuitive user interface.
  • Affordable: Value-priced system designed to suit your budget.
  • Bottom Tracking: Reliable bottom-tracking in ~10cm water depth.
  • Wireless: Bluetooth communications utilized between electronics and PocketPC.
  • Reduced Disturbance:Small transducer head, 3.5cm in diameter,for minimal flow disturbance.
  • Low Power: Full day of operation on 8 AA batteries.
  • Versatile: Minimum cell size 2cm with up to 20 cells.Maximum profiling range of up to 2 meters.
  • Flexible Data Format: All acquired data is compatible with RDI ’s WinRiver software for detailed data playback and processing.

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StreamPro Power Point Presentations:
Download >>StreamPro Intro
Download >>StreamPro Software
Download >>StreamPro Field Results
Download >>StreamPro Features

StreamPro ADCP Application Notes

StreamPro app note StreamPro Application Note: Germany Trials  >>download PDF

StreamPro app note StreamPro Application Note: Imperial Irrigation District >>download PDF

StreamPro app note StreamPro and ChannelMaster Application Note: Index-Velocity Rating Development for Rapidly Changing Flows in an Irrigation Canal Using Broadband StreamPro ADCP and ChannelMaster Horizontal ADCP  >>download PDF

StreamPro Case Study Case Study: Low Flow Measurement in a Small Channel Using Teledyne RDI’s StreamPro ADCP with a Customer-Made Traveler System >>download PDF


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StreamPro ADCP Data Samples

StreamPro data
StreamPro data
Data was collected in Nice, France using RD Instruments new product Streampro.

Customers were able to measure water velocity in .08m (3.14”). Total Discharge was .35cfs The collected data was then post processed using Teledyne RDI’s WinRiver software.


StreamPro ADCP Software

Teledyne RDI's StreamPro ADCP has been designed with you in mind.

We understand you don't have time to learn complicated new software programs. You want leading edge technology that you can put straight to work. Discover just how easy Teledyne RDI's StreamPro software is to operate.

>>click here for our brief step-by-step instructions

Section-by-Section Pro now available for use with RiverRay ADCP » details

Teledyne RDI replaces its flagship WinRiver Software with the new and improved WinRiver II! Free download now available >>Learn more

Qualify your ADCP data with Q-View QA/QC Software » details


StreamPro ADCP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. How long does it take to learn to use the StreamPro?
  2. How long can I take data before I need to change the batteries?
  3. How long should I take to make a discharge measurement?
  4. What is the fastest/slowest water that I can measure?
  5. Does the StreamPro have a compass?
1. Question: How long does it take to learn to use the StreamPro?
Answer: The StreamPro is very easy to learn to operate. Most users are taking data the same day that they receive their StreamPro. The software is laid out in a step-by-step fashion and the manual walks you through each and every step required to make a successful discharge measurement.

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2. Question: How long can I take data before I need to change the batteries?
Answer: Using fresh alkaline AA batteries, the StreamPro can take data continuously for 12 hours. Using 2000 mA-Hr NiMH AA rechargeable batteries you can take data continuously for 16 hours. For typical field use we recommend using rechargeable batteries and recharging the batteries each night. The other limitation is the Pocket PC’s internal battery pack. The standard battery pack will let you take data continuously for about 4 hours. If you externally power the Pocket PC, then you can take data limited only by the available memory or until the StreamPro batteries are depleted.

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3. Question: How long should I take to make a discharge measurement?
Answer: The simplest rule of thumb is to take at least three minutes for each discharge measurement, moving the boat smoothly across the stream. If the water velocity is less than 30 cm/sec or the depth is less than 1 meter, then you should take longer for each measurement. If you find that the variations between your discharge measurements is greater than 5%, then you should take longer for each measurement or take more measurements to obtain a good average discharge value.

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4. Question: What is the fastest/slowest water that I can measure?
Answer: Two different things limit the maximum water speed – the instrument and the boat. For the standard StreamPro boat the highest water speed is 2 m/sec if the water surface is smooth and 1.5 m/sec if the surface has waves. Oceanscience is developing a higher speed boat that will have a maximum hull speed of 5 m/s. The StreamPro electronics and transducer can measure water speed up to 5 m/s. The lowest speed depends on the water depth and velocity. If the water velocity is less than 20 cm/s and the depth is less than 1.0 meters, then you can select a low noise mode for those conditions. The low noise mode can be used with excellent results in water speed down to 1-2 cm/sec if the boat is moved slowly and smoothly. For all other conditions the standard profiling mode will be used.

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5.Question: Does the StreamPro have a compass?
Answer: The compass is an option in the StreamPro. It can be ordered at time of purchase or can be added to an existing StreamPro. In the case of adding a compass to an existing StreamPro, the StreamPro will need to be sent back to the repair department. For further information on price and delivery please contact

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