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Rio Grande ADCP
A revolutionary tool for river and open channel discharge measurement

Rio Grande

Workhorse Rio Grande is an accurate, rapid discharge measurement system designed to operate from a moving boat. The Rio Grande can be used for a wide range of river conditions, from as shallow as 30 cm streams to large rivers and tidal estuaries.


Key Specifications


1200 kHz

600 kHz

Profiling range:

0.3* - 21m

0.7 - 75m

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Application Information
Rio Grande ADCP Application Notes
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Data Samples
Rio Grande ADCP Data Samples
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WinRiver Software
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Rio Grande ADCP FAQs 
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Product Features
  • Teledyne RDI's BroadBand technology allows small depth cells and fast transects in velocity and discharge measurements
  • Fast, accurate, and repeatable discharge measurement
  • Integration capability with external sensors: GPS, depth sounder, and gyro compass through Windows software (WinRiver)
  • Low flow or weak current measurement capability with high-precision modes (equipped as standard)
  • Large depth range profiling capability that allows one unit to be used in both dry season (shallow and low flow) and flood season (high stage and strong flow) for the same site
  • Windows-based data acquisition and playback software with standard discharge summary table playback and processing.

Rio Grande ADCP Application Notes

Rio Grande in action in remote Alaska Highlighed Application:
ADCPs in Action in remote Alaska
No phones, no bikes no motorcars. The USGS in Alaska has it tough! They are required to chart river flows in some of the toughest wilderness areas on the planet. Trust them to come up with a simple solution. Since they need a plane to access remote areas anyhow, they decided to use the plane as a boat, too!

>>read full story

ADCPs in the Amazon Highlighed Application:
ADCPs™ Assist International Team to Measure the Mightiest River:
Measuring the Amazin' Amazon
ADCPs have sparked a revolution in measuring river dischargethe volume of water flowing in a river. The ADCP method replaces a labor-intensive, time-consuming, life-risking approach that has remained largely unchanged for a hundred years. Nowhere are the advantages of the ADCP method and logistics more dramatic than the Amazon River in Brazil.  >>read full story

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Rio Grande ADCP Data Samples

Rio Grande Data Samples

>>Click here to view Rio data samples - Corpus Christi Bay, TX


WinRiver Software

Section-by-Section Pro now available for use with RiverRay ADCP » details

Teledyne RDI replaces its flagship WinRiver Software with the new and improved WinRiver II! Free download now available >>Learn more

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Rio Grande ADCP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

FAQs will be posted soon.

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